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World Class Artists was founded by artists, and as proponents of live music, we are passionate about creating a one-of-a-kind live experience for you and your guests. We believe that music is medicine for the mind, rejuvenation for the heart and harmonization for the soul. And live music is especially life-changing – bringing people together, creating an atmosphere of good feeling, social unity and togetherness. World Class Artists is proud to bring some of the world's finest music to your environment, uplifting your event with extraordinary musicians who are engaged, energetic, and sonically breathtaking.

Live music is the entire reason we exist – we love live music. We love playing it, listening to it, watching it, feeling it. We would rather hear a mediocre live band than a great DJ any time, and we believe most people agree. Live music is present, vivid, intense and powerful. The richness of a memorable live performance is more meaningful, more essential than any recorded music can be, and WCA prides itself in the caliber of artist we represent.

David Perkins

Managing Director

David Perkins Managing Director World Class Artists

David Perkins has loved and performed music almost all of his life. He is a vocalist, guitarist, and writer. Before teaming with Victory Mori, first to perform and later to create World Class Artists, he spent a long career in film and television post production, working for most of the major studios and post houses in the Los Angeles area.

David has been a writer for Columbia Pictures Television and a telecine colorist for some of the best and worst feature films and television programs from the 1980s through 2010, when he left the film industry to start his own digital marketing firm.

After meeting Victory Mori, and discovering their shared passion for live music and for those who perform it, the two were not content to simply find outlets for their own music. They became determined to discover and nurture other artists, many of whom are respected and renowned in their own right, and to help them grow and find more avenues for performance. Thus was born World Class Artists.

When he's not working to elevate the online profile of the many local businesses his marketing firm represents, or performing with some of the best musicians in Los Angeles and working with Victory to grow and improve World Class Artists, David lives in the Porter Ranch area of Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, Ryan, and enjoys cooking for friends, reading, writing and growing “wise.” Their son, Austin, who is also an outstanding musician, lives in Monterey.

Victory Mori


Victory Mori Director of Artist Relations

Victory Mori is a force of nature. His luminous personality can charm you, uplift you, warm you, and exhaust you. But more than anything else, Victory is a musical being. His love for all things musical is the core of his spirit. He is one of the fortunate few, in a huge community of artistic professionals, who has never had a “real job.” A teenage phenom who was once fired by his guitar teacher for not following instructions, Victory grew into a virtuoso performer and from the age of 17 has made his living and supported his family through his music.

Born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and an American father, Victory arrived in the U.S. at the age of one. Growing up in Los Angeles, he began playing guitar at the age of 13, and at 17 Victory joined an international tour as the lead guitarist with a punk rock band. He has never looked back.

Victory continued his musical education and has studied and performed with some of the most renowned teachers and artists of our generation. He matured into a much sought-after performer, composer, producer and teacher. Victory has collaborated with, written for, produced and coached some of the best-known music stars of our time. His expertise and abilities cut across all musical genres, but it is for his Spanish classical guitar virtuosity that he is best known and pursued.

Teaming with David Perkins in 2014 to perform, the two quickly recognized each other as kindred spirits. World Class Artists is the natural outgrowth of this friendship and collaboration. Victory, like David, has made it one of his missions to discover, nurture, and help musicians, famous and unknown, find venues to perform while seeing to it that they are fairly compensated for their art.

Victory’s wife, Vanessa, is a gifted opera singer and they live in the Northridge area of Los Angeles with their three beautiful children, all of whom are talented artists in their own right.

“I’ve been working as a guitarist with World Class Artists for about two years and I have only good things to say about my experience. They’re fair and honest people to deal with, fun to be around and always, always pay right on time. They’ve booked me as a solo performer as well as pairing me with vocalists and larger groups. When I’m not in the studio, or on my own gigs, it’s nice to have WCA filling my calendar. You won’t find better people to work with than the team at World Class Artists.”

Fabian Fernandez , Guitarist • Composer • Producer