Artist Inquiries

Please Read Carefully

If you're a talented singer, musician or band looking for venues to play, we'd like to talk to you. We are a Los Angeles based talent agency with a need to expand our book of artists. We offer gigs in venues of all kinds and sizes, from small bars and restaurants to large weddings, parties and corporate affairs. We only deal in live entertainment by live artists, and the ONLY way to be considered for bookings by World Class Artists is to follow the instructions on this page precisely.

We are an agency created by artists to help artists work and grow. We offer paying gigs. Sometimes the pay is small. Sometimes better. And occasionally even very good. It will depend on your level of talent and skill, as well as the venue or event at hand. We are not in business to take advantage of artists.

We're interested in meeting artists and/or groups with an extensive repertoire of jazz/standards, classical, pop, rock, or country music. We need performers with the ability to play gigs of 2 to 4 hours in various environments like those mentioned above. Our current clients prefer acoustic or softer electric music that is familiar to their customers.

We're nice people. As such, we choose only to work with other nice people. If that does not describe you, please don't submit your information. We don't work with prima donnas or jerks. Life's too short.

If, on the other hand, you're talented, professional, hard-working, and you play well with others, we'd like to meet you. If you're in a band or small group, we want to come hear you play. If you're an excellent artist who can work alone, and you're open to being partnered with others, we'd also like to hear what you've got.

If your repertoire consists mostly of original music, we can ONLY place you if you have a STRONG following and can fill a venue. If you perform all or mostly original music, please don't respond unless you feel certain you have ability to fill a venue.

And finally … If you're currently performing live somewhere, please let us know when and where that is. We might surprise you by stopping by. Also, please feel free to send us links to any online information about you and/or your group; music samples, social media channels, bios or news articles. Send us anything that you think will make us want to call you back.

Please Note

While we appreciate the work of DJs, MCs, rappers and hip-hop artists, we do not have work for you. We're also unable to book techno-pop, metal and/or hard rock bands or artists at this time. This is not a judgment of your music but rather a limitation of our available venues.


Anyone who does not follow these instructions, EXACTLY, will not be contacted for a follow-up. First – change the subject line. If your email does not include the Subject Line “WEBSITE INQUIRY” your message will be deleted unopened. Second – if we open your email and you have neglected to answer the questions posed below and have not provided the requested information about you and/or your group, we will not respond to your message. With all that said, we look forward to hearing from you. And please … be patient with us. We receive a lot of artist submissions.

Please email the following information to

Phone calls or submissions sent through any other channel will not be accepted or responded to.

  • Your name
  • Professional name
  • Genre or type of music you perform
  • Years of performance experience
  • Have you performed professionally (for pay)?
  • What are your goals as a performer
  • Your age
  • Your talents (vocalist, guitarist, pianist, etc.)
  • Do you have your own following?
  • Links to your music online
  • Links to your website and/or social media channels
  • Best phone number to reach you

If you're inquiring for a group –

  • Name of Group
  • Number of members in your group
  • Instruments played by you and members of your group
  • Length of time group has been together
  • Ages of all performers in your group

“There's no substitute for “world class” whether you're shopping for a car, picking a fine wine or selecting an agency with which to deal regarding talent. This is the place for World Class Artists … the place to sign up for ethical and energetic representation and, based on the mind and personality behind the business, a first class, world class experience for those calling to book acts in venues everywhere!”

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